For Prospective Graduate Students

Am I taking students?

Thanks for your interest! I'll be recruiting a small number of graduate students this admissions cycle, to start working together in Fall 2024. I'm particularly interested in working on AI-assisted programming, interactive systems, language grounding, and pragmatics.

How to apply?

The easiest way to work with me (and many great folks in LTI) is to apply to LTI's PhD and/or MLT programs. The application deadline for this year is in December 13th, 2023 3pm EST. There's more information here.

Should you email me?

I'd love to be able to reply to every email I get about admissions, but I just don't have the capacity, unfortunately.

It's definitely not necessary to email me, and won't materially affect your chances of admission. If you would like to email, though, I encourage you to describe the specific overlap in our interests in your email, and to wait to email until after you've applied. (I can't speak for other faculty, but I'm personally ok with getting these types of focused emails.) Unfortunately, I can't generally respond to emails about admissions, as much as I'd like to! But we all do really appreciate your interest and time applying.

Yonatan Bisk has a page with more context about the application process.

Other questions

For questions about the application process, please check these pages: instructions, FAQ.

For Prospective Interns

I unfortunately do not have any openings for internships for students from outside CMU at this time.